Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Take that Life: Sucker Punching Life one Draft at a Time!

HAHA!  Take that life!  I clawed my way out of cosplay hell into a cosplay purgatory last night by drafting Babydoll's top in about two hours and *gasp* actually enjoying it!  I didn't get as far with the top as I had hoped.  I wanted to sew a muslin mock-up to test the pattern and the fit but, I'm still recovering from 3 back to back 12 hour work days, that piggy backed on the a week of finals that left me with 5 or less hours of sleep every night for a week...so yeah, here at the late hour of 8p.m. I'm exhausted.  The plan is to curl up in bed with a piece of pizza and watch some more episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Yes I am 26 years old and in times of extreme vulnerability I enjoy watching kids cartoons.  Besides, I'm old enough to remember the original cartoon and toys, so if I want to indulge in a little throw back I will.

And yes...I will be cosplaying one of them soon, because I can.  **In the spirit of full disclosure I just stopped writing this for about 42 minutes and went and gathered my little pony picture wondering which one of them I should do.**  ANYHOW....

I took a few pictures of what I was working with but, wasn't sure if it was worth explaining what I did or not because if you already know how to work with slopers then you'll already know what I did, and if you don't know how to work with slopers what I'm saying won't mean anything anyway.  I will note though that I only worked with the size 8 sloper from my classes because I have not had time to create blocks for myself with which to create slopers.  It's on my things to do list for this summer tho, along with many a cosplay costume.  Following the photos found in the website I mentioned in the  Babydoll reference thead, the only real modifications I did to my existing sloper was to use the slash and spread method to move my darts around to match the original outfit, cut my front and back to 4 inches past the bust point, add an all in one placket for the buttons and drafts cuffs for the sleeve and the bodice.

 Inspiration and work space.

My weapons of choice, mechanical pencil, tape, scissors, hip curve, drafting ruler, and that rounded spiked thing whose name I cannot remember but, is useful for marking folded darts and protecting yourself in dark shadowy alleys.

  Finished bodice front pattern piece.

Tomorrow's post should be far more interesting as I plan to draft the sailor collar, make a muslin mock up, check fit and if everything is good, I plan to sew together the whole top in jeans.  So, if everything goes right (which given my history and the fact that I'm kind of a Negative Nancy, I probably will at least get a mock up done and make corrections....maybe.  I also may play a bit with the sculpey...we shall see.

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