Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Update!

So, those of you who know me IRL know that recently I was promoted to the Manager position of my store and my life has been literally sucked up by being at the store (and quite possibly playing Boderlands 2) and by the monster that is known as Halloween so I hadn't had much time to continue my cosplay endeavors.  However, it's now over and with the upcoming holiday I find myself with a balance of days on and days off that allow me to do some work on some upcoming cosplays.  Until that time when I can add some awesome updates and start working on a blog that deserves to be followed - or at least deserves your attention once in a while, I thought I'd update a few things that went on over the past month.

First, our Halloween party/Store Anniversary party provided an awesome chance to dress up (because we all know that cosplayers go into some sort of weird withdrawl if they don't dress up often enough). The party was sponsored by J. Valentine, a FABULOUS clothing line for clubbers and ravers.  They do these great furry animal costumes and we got to pick one we would like to rock at the party and for the month of October while we were at work.  I did not pick a furry animal but, instead chose this too-too bad ass number.  I was beyond stoked and wanted to walk around and shout things like "Skoal" and "Another Ale For My Good Friend, <insert name>" although a fair amount of quotes from Game of Thrones made their way in.

This is the Dragon Slayer Costume I chose.

So exciting news number two!  Comikaze was a resounding success in my book, but mostly due to the fact that my favorite artist Jamie Tyndall thought my outfit was "cool".  So cool in fact that he gave me a complementary print that he signed of my character, Babydoll.  He took a photo with me and the print and put it on his facebook...where I promptly stole it off to share with you!

I'm Super Stoked even though you can't tell in this pic.
  And...a little Halloween update.  I managed to find a little time to make it out to West Hollywood to play "I Spy" in the crowd of party goers.  I chose to wear another fabulous J. Valentine creation and tried to take as many pictures with matching characters as possible.  Somehow though, my extremely badass tail never made it into a single photo, which may me a little sad.  Also, there wasn't a single camera between us, so all I have are cell phone photos.  >.<

I choose you...Ash (from the 8 Ash's I took photos with)

You sir...were my favorite!

I promise that some good updates are coming your way, including some play by play on my first prop making experiences.  You'll laugh, I'll cry, and the world will keep on spinning. <3

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